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The Cannes in California

Choose peace with the purchase of an apartment in Cannes California.

Cannes Californie is a very residential area consisting undoubtedly the wealthiest people in the Côte d'Azur. Located east of the city of Cannes, you are offered the opportunity to visit apartments in Cannes California high standard.

The nickname of this paradise is suspended "the hill of billionaires." Every house and building in this part of the city was built according to very reasonable distances so that each person has his tranquility.

Bourgeois buildings with high ceilings and pool, the term "lifestyle" makes sense when residing in an apartment in Cannes California. This neighborhood is conveniently located near the sea and the city center, on the heights of Cannes, in a green setting.

The most popular locations are the rue du Roi Albert Road and California Avenue pharaohs.

We are available for you to visit our villas and apartments for your needs in Cannes California.

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